Fit is not a destination. It's a way of life!


Motivation is what gets you started

Habit is what keeps you going

- Jim Ryan


Strength doesn’t come from what you can do

It comes from overcoming the things

you once thought you couldn’t


The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race


Ability is what you’re capable of doing

Attitude determines how well you do it

Motivation determines what you do

- Lee Holtz


It’s your brain you need to convince

Your body can do anything


Fit is not a destination. It's a way of life!

Are you ready to commit to change your current fitness abilities?

You’ve thought about it, let’s make it happen! At Inner Strength, the focus is on training and coaching both the physical and mental aspects to make you the best you can be.  it’s a matter of knowing where to start and how to go about a fitness routine designed specifically for you based on your personal goals.

Do you want to set new personal bests and achieve them?

Whether you are new to fitness or a novice looking for a change in your fitness routine, learn that consistency, health, progression and accomplishment are absolutely yours to own. You are capable of achieving success, no matter your current level of fitness.  Jen will help you achieve your new personal best.

Are you searching for a skilled, knowledgeable trainer or coach?

Whether your goal is weight loss, increasing muscle tone or running your first 5k or marathon, Jen will get you there and educate you on how to continue once you’ve reached your current goals. You will succeed.  Jen will work with you to set the agenda to make your short and long-term goals a reality in no time.

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What others have to say

The beginning of any point in your life is a desire for achievement. I had a desire to run a half marathon under 2 hours. This meant taking off a lot minutes of my previous best time.  I knew I had a desire, I knew I had the ability, I knew my ambition to succeed was far greater than the thought of failure. Accepting that I couldn’t achieve my goal without help was easy. Finding Jen Kripki to achieve my goals priceless.

Jen worked with me from day one.  Jen took my goals and without changing them brought them into perspective. Jen knew how to positively motivate me. What to say and how to say it when I felt like giving up. This is not an easy task yet she motivated me on my worst days.  Jen is such a positive person that everyone needs in their lives. She will make you the person you desire to be. Jen will inspire you to be who you want to be and who you should be.  So just a simple heartfelt THANK YOU is all I can really say.

Brian Topp

I met Jen as a Personal Trainer at a National Gym and Jen is the best. Jen not only knows the correct techniques for fitness but has knowledge in many areas of total wellness. I find Jen to be motivating and an inspiration. I feel fortunate to have Jen as  trainer and a resource in health and overall good living.

Lisa Haanen

I had absolutely no idea what real training was!! I meet with Jen 3 times a week. I played Rugby for 15yrs and I have never hurt so wonderfully in my life. I have never been pushed and tested like this, and I have never achieved so much or felt better and stronger. At first when Jen would send me my schedule for the week and my routines, which includes 2 routines a day, 1 on sat and sun, I thought ‘I don’t think she understands how weak and damaged I am??’ Truth is, she knew with the right motivation and attitude….It didn’t matter! I don’t want to say she dismissed my injuries, of which she was fully aware having treated me all the way through my initial physio, but with her training, expertise and our own testing she knew what my body could actually handle. It was my mind that was getting in the way. I had not been on a bicycle in 3 years. I now regularly go for hr long cycles.


While my gains physically have been more incredible than I could have imagined, it is what she has done to rekindle my spirit and my belief in myself that is truly amazing! I am currently training to compete in the Frank Dunn Triathlon next August! And I have NO DOUBT I will be able to complete it, something I haven’t done in 10 yrs! And I guarantee I will have a much better time than my previous best! I will never be able to thank you enough Jen.

Brad Wilson

Jen was the coach for the Learn To Run Clinic that I participated in 2014.  It was a rather large clinic but Jen always made a point to check in with everyone to make sure they were doing well.  Her knowledge as a runner, personal trainer and and massage therapist made her an ideal coach.  She always has a smile on her face and is very energetic which makes for a fun workout.  She has a great deal of knowledge as well as a passion for fitness.

Randy Skurdal
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